Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Glimpse of Lapasa

Lapasa is a village in the district mare, regency bone with an area of ​​6.5 square km, with a population of 1181 souls, with density of 182 people / square km,,, consists of three hamlets that is,,, Hamlet Lapasa, pellenge and lapasa cellae.Desa land directly adjacent to the district Tonra The batas2nya is south of the village Samaenre Tonra district, west of the village Batugading former is still a rural area lapasa but split after separation,,, north of the village of Mario,,, east with the Gulf of Bone .. lapasa village has the potential of about 235 hectares of rice land, the land around 95 hectares of aquaculture,, garden soil, about 180 acres,,,, the number of vehicle owners as much as 22 units of cars and motorcycles as much as 177 units,,, total ownership Internet 2 units,,, including me,,, he he he ............ The source of lighting electricity ... which the livelihoods of the population 80% of farmers' rice fields and ponds,,, the rest of government employees educational level and self-employed ... no school rata2 40% to 20%, 10% smp, sma 25% and 5 undergraduate %....... facilities located in the village lapasa be, for, public service facilities in the form of KTR Village there is no means of worship .... 3 units mosque,,, a unit of educational facilities in the hamlet lapasa sd,,,, one of the private companies have entered the land manage aquaculture in the village for 10 years lapasa intensively is PT.Sekar Earth .. . but this time the company has owned land in the rental to the public .... We Lapasa led by a village chief named H. Andi Arifuddin, and thank God for the fiscal year 2011 lapasa registered as a village into the PNPM program pengelolah PISEW where the chairman of the LKD One of them led by one of the best sons Namely Lapasa ANDI MARTIN .......................... smoga this word can be used as a reference for who had read this if interested can come directly to the Village Lpasa,,, any kind of effort is needed depends on the existing resources could ,,,,,,,, or direct contact number 081355514041 .... Trimakasih Rampeka golla kurampeki Kaluku, sengekka simata jarung kubaliki passengereng sipuppureng lino, NATO siruntu ri uni manu,,,,

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